What is up RGL family, can’t believe it is October already. This year has gone by so quickly. Hope everyone is well, I am excited that conventions are back and will be going to one next month. Is anyone else going back to conventions? Apologies, due to my procrastination, the pre-order for ALWA’S AWAKENING has closed but is still available on Steam. The NES physical release was a demake of Indie Developers Elden Pixels Steam version. I did an announcement in my September update, so hopefully it made it on your radar then. This month in addition to knew re-releases, I include some highlights various games for these beloved systems that are still available for order.


This was a Taiwanese only release for the Mega Drive until the fine folks at Piko Interactive licensed the game and created a fully English translated Genesis version. The game is listed as backordered but I emailed their support who responded very quickly, saying that had received parts to produce several copies for stock. So, if you are interested in a game that lists as backordered just email their very helpful support. I like Piko because the products in their catalog are not limited so there is no deadline to order. However, like any electronic producer these days, stock for required parts can be limited so it may take longer in some instances to receive your purchase.

Brave Battle Saga is a turn based RPG full of colorful sprites developed by Taiwanese company Chuanpu in 1996. Piko provides two flavors, cartridge only or complete which includes a plastic clamshell case with art insert, color manual and of course the game. Fingers crossed there is lots of grinding and leveling up to be had in this adventure, I am a gluten for punishment!



This game was stuck in Japan until Piko bought the rights to release worldwide. This SNES beat’em up delivers bright 16-bit pixel goodness and that awesome Super Nintendo sound. The best part is this game supports 2 player couch co-op, so make sure to invite a friend. The action includes boss fights and a variety of enemies in a cyberpunk setting. The SNES is such a great cnonsole so it is so cool to have a new beat’em up on the platform. My favorite genre is RPGs but I love playing beat’em-ups and schmups as well. I did not own a SNES back in the day, so it is so cool to be able to experience this great 16-bit platform and play games that were not available in my region when it originally released.



For all those in the RGL family who love playing on their handhelds, like the OG Gameboy have a new title to try out. Brought to you by developer Daniel Puchau Gallego of greenboygames.com, this the 2nd part of the Trilogy ‘The Shapeshifter- Become the Animal You Touch’, an Old-School Adventure game, reminiscent of classics like ‘Monkey Island’, and is the first and only Game Boy game that requires 2 CARTRIDGES to play and has original game mechanics!!” Here is someone passionate about developing for the O.G. Gameboy, it looks like



I was so excited to see this released by Strictly Limited Games. My wallet is going to be hurting so hard this month lol. Cotton 100% is a super fun horizontal shooter. It is very Japanese in style, super colorful with awesome 16-bit pixel art. Great variety of enemies bosses and level design. The original versions of this title is crazy expensive to be able to buy it at $57.99 + shipping is a steal. There are NTSC and PAL versions.

From the website:

Cotton 100% was released in 1994 and is based on the original Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. It offers a stunning and fresh new look with the more vibrant color palette of the Super Famicom. Experience the beautiful and authentic Cute ’em Up action from the 90s in all its glory and charm!



Strictly Limited keeps bringing the hits and in addition to Cotton 100% they also are re-releasing Panorama Cotton. This is another shooter but is the over-the-shoulder style like Space Harrier. I have not played this title before but if you are a fan of Space Harrier it seems this will not disappointment. Cotton Panorama continues the very colorful awesome pixel art of the Cotton series.

From the site:

In 1994, Panorama Cotton raised the bar for what’s possible on the Mega Drive/Genesis consoles. The game’s more colorful pallet makes every stage a treat to look at and fly through!




Darius is a classic horizontal shooter. The Genesis is known for having awesome 16-bit schmups with awesome graphics and sound. This title in the Darius series is no exception. Like all of the titles released by Strictly LImited Games, it comes in the classic Genesis clamshell with a full color manual.

From the site:

This new Extra Version includes many fixes to the overall gameplay for a perfectly balanced difficulty, new optimized FM music and DCSG sound effects and new exclusive modes to take on and beat the high scores!




Originally for the Japanese home computer Sharp X68000, this was also ported to the Genesis. I had not seen the game till now but it how can anything where you are a giant metal robot not be fun. This beat’em up style game unfortunately doesn’t support couch co-op but this version includes a mode that allows the second player to control the bosses which could be fun. A unique mechanic of the game is that the boss fights play out in a 2D fighter style.

From the site:

Take control of the SlaveGear mecha Hound Dog and battle through 6 stages against various enemies that lead to the final boss of each stage.



Abarendo is a crazy vertical shooter, where you are a disembodied head fighting against an alien overlord in this cult classic. It is a bizarre SCHMUP but the controls are good and the gameplay should keep you engaged. I have never played the game myself, and trying to get an original copy of the game is impossible unless you have some seriously deep pockets.

From the site:

he NES cult classic is back! Save earth from an alien invasion as the ghost of a samurai!

In 1991, a game was released for the NES that, while it was already clear would be something special, no one could have imagined would develop into such a cult classic in the years to come. Zombie Nation flew under many people’s radar at the time, but its crazy story and solid gameplay accumulated a dedicated fanbase over the years.



Hopefully you find these updates helpful and have discovered new games being released for your favorite consoles. It is really great that there are companies re-releasing theses classic titles, making it affordable for those of us who prefer to have physical games but are not independently wealth. As always I will try to get next months update out before the last day of the month.


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