What is up RGL family! This much is very thin but there is a NES release so worth its own article even if I cannot find anything else. So I tend to focus on physical releases of games because that is where my love and passion lives. But, I also enjoy and am always glad to see the support of retro video games published virtually or on modern console collections. During the recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced they will be adding N64 and Sega Genesis games to their eShop. Nintendo has really embraced the community of customers that continue to play retro video games. I have held out on buying any of the current consoles but with this latest news find myself very tempted to pickup a Nintendo Switch.


Alwa’s Awakening NES 8-Bit Edition


Alwa’s Awaking for the NES and a brand new game developed by Elden Pixels (https://eldenpixels.com)and partnered with Retro-Bit to publish a physical release. The 4 man team from Elden put together this 8-bit action adventure platformer in NES pixel styled goodness. For those like me who live in a a world of nostalgia created by memories of simpler times, take a look at adding this to the collection. If ordering from Limited Run Games, pre-orders close October 17th, 2021, I do not see a close date for Castlemania. LRG estimates shipping by December 21, 2021 and Castlemania estimates shipping my March 2022, which makes me think there open pre-order will be available longer. As always, I try to support these projects where I can so that guys like this will keep coming up with great games for our favorite consoles.




So even though this is technically an October release, it was too exciting to hold until the October update. Strictly Limited is doing a reprint of Wild Guns for the SNES in NTSC and Pal. Wild Guns is an on-rail shooter by Natsume that is one of the higher dollar games due to its popularity and being a top game for the system. On ebay currently lists price for just a loose cartridge is $260 US. So it is a great opportunity for those of us with shallow pockets to pick up an awesome classic for the Nintendo SNES 16 bit console with its awesome pixel sprite graphics and music. I thought I had missed out as initially it was a numbered pre-order with only 1300 available but now it is an open pre-order but they only have 54% left and dropping quickly.



Below The Stone is a “punishing” roguelike game according to the Kickstarter page. This is a digital game but they are offering a limited 50 copy Big Box version with a copy of the game on a CD. However, it is quite expensive at over $200 USD. It comes with a bunch of feelies but even so seems like a bit of a money grab. Maybe because it is such a small quantity their costs to produce are much higher. I am not a fan of this genre and mechanics but felt it was worth a mention.

EIGHT BIT PRINT AND RETRO ANNUAL — 6 Days Left as of October 2, 2021

So this month there are going to be a couple entries that are not actually video games, the first is Eight Bit Print Magazine and Retro Annual. They have a Kickstarter for ordering back issues, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/8bitmagazine/eight-bit-reprint?ref=discovery_recommendations and you can make a current subscription from the website https://eightbitmagazine.com/index.php .



We are highlighting another magazine this month. I really miss Nintendo Power, so trying to find a solution to get my fox. Here is another option, I have not tried either of these magazines yet, but look forward to finding something to fill this obvious void in my life! If you have had any of these magazines please comment on your experience. Subscribe from the website https://ninty-media.myshopify.com/collections/ninty-fresh-magazine .

GELATINOUS: HUMANITY LOST FOR GAME BOY – 13 Days Left as of October 2, 2021


Excited to highlight this new indie title by Steven Long. We have a cool looking Game Boy platformer that is apparently challenging with a nightmare mode that can be unlocked. It has seven environments explore in the Temple and you gain power-ups along the way. For you handheld nerds you may want to show your support.


Sorry for this coming out so late, work has been kicking my butt. I promise next month will come out on time. Thank you for supporting the site and maybe there will be something here the peeks your interest and you find an artist or project you can support.

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