Retro Video Games

Retro Games Update — September 2021

What is up RGL family! This much is very thin but there is a NES release so worth its own article even if I cannot find anything else. So I tend to focus on physical releases of games because that is where my love and passion lives. But, I also enjoy and am always glad to see the support of retro video games published virtually or on modern console collections. During the recent Nintendo Direct,…

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Is Retro Gaming Retro?

As my mind was wondering the other day I was thinking how we call this beloved passion retro gaming. Then Pat Contri and Ian Furgenson discussed this very topic on their CUPodcast. You may be asking yourself what is there to discuss?  Though this has become the accepted term, is it accurate and honestly, does it even matter either way.  Merriam-Webster defines it as typically referring to styles and fashion of the past, their example…

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