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Retro Games Update July 2021

Hello retro game family brining you the under the wire update for July 2021. Sadly a slow month for new physical retro game releases. I think the news I am most excited about this month is Evercade is releasing a new collection, the Renovation Collection I. They are also releasing later in the year a console version of their handheld which I may have mentioned in a previous post, its call the Evercade VS .…

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Steam and Good Ol’ Games Summer Sale 2021

It’s that time of year again, the two biggest online platforms are having their annual massive Summer sales. The main differentiator as always is the Good Ol Games is DRM free, so this mean you can download and installer and if GoG disappears tomorrow you have all your games fully playable… so make sure to keep them backed up! That is why when I am looking for a digital game I always check Good Ol…

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