New Retro Video Games

Retro Games Update April 2021

First, apologies this update is so late and at the end of the month. I didn’t have much in the way of updates for most of April, but a few late entries came through so I have enough to do a quick post now. Some of these may not have been released in April, I may have also discovered them recently or just got around to including them. This month we have two physical titles…

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Retro Games Update March 2021

What’s up RGL family! Bringing you the monthly update on new retro games for our favorite retro consoles. We may also highlight previous projects that are still active or available for purchase or pre-order. It continues to blow my mind on the amount of support in developing new games for 15-20 year old video game systems. Our goal is to bring awareness to these projects so that everyone who shares a similar passion has the…

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