Retro Games Update June 2021

What is up RGL family, this months update ended up having some real bangers. I thought it was going to be a bit on the thin side but ended up surfacing some additional titles that haven’t been highlighted in previous updates. Unfortunately, one of the items I wanted to post was a Kickstarter that has already expired. It is a game published by 6502 Collective, so hopefully they will produce another run after the Kickstarter…

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Retro Games Update March 2021

What’s up RGL family! Bringing you the monthly update on new retro games for our favorite retro consoles. We may also highlight previous projects that are still active or available for purchase or pre-order. It continues to blow my mind on the amount of support in developing new games for 15-20 year old video game systems. Our goal is to bring awareness to these projects so that everyone who shares a similar passion has the…

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Is Retro Gaming Retro?

As my mind was wondering the other day I was thinking how we call this beloved passion retro gaming. Then Pat Contri and Ian Furgenson discussed this very topic on their CUPodcast. You may be asking yourself what is there to discuss?  Though this has become the accepted term, is it accurate and honestly, does it even matter either way.  Merriam-Webster defines it as typically referring to styles and fashion of the past, their example…

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