Mad Stalker Genesis and Abarenbo Tengu and Zombie Nation for NES Plus Switch Pre-Orders

All I can say is what a time to be alive. I would have never thought that in 2021 I would have the opportunity to open new or reproduced, factory fresh games for my favorite 16 bit and 8 bit consoles. I hope the community continues to show support so that companies will continue to be motivated to produce the games that still bring us joy today. I did not have a Genesis growing up…

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DON’T BUY ON EBAY – Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Game & Watch

The recent Super Mario 35th Anniversary inspired me to run a new series called ‘Don’t Buy on eBay’. I am the last person to hate on someone trying to make a buck. The struggle is real and many of us do what we can to make ends meet. However, resellers that are wiping out stock then trying to sell for criminal markups are despicable. An example of this is the recent Super Mario 3D All-Stars…

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