The recent Super Mario 35th Anniversary inspired me to run a new series called ‘Don’t Buy on eBay’. I am the last person to hate on someone trying to make a buck. The struggle is real and many of us do what we can to make ends meet. However, resellers that are wiping out stock then trying to sell for criminal markups are despicable. An example of this is the recent Super Mario 3D All-Stars released on switch for Nintendo’s Super Mario 35th Anniversary. Unfortunately, Nintendo made the decision to do a limited release not only for the physical copy but to pull the digital version as well. So of course once this happened, physical copies in major retailers like Walmart quickly disappeared. Now copies are being resold on Amazon for $60+ by 3rd parties, and on eBay there are some real scumbags with a listing as high as $275 (

With the release of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars they also released an anniversary addition of the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch. This too is being sold for substantially more on eBay, $80+. However, unlike 3D All-Stars these still can be found in stores in quantity. So there is definitely no reason to pay up for the Game & Watch. That said, I did find an online store that still has the 3D All-Stars in stock for their original retail price $59 with free shipping. They also have the Game & Watch available too for its normal retail price of $49.


Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.



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