Retro Games Update — September 2021

What is up RGL family! This much is very thin but there is a NES release so worth its own article even if I cannot find anything else. So I tend to focus on physical releases of games because that is where my love and passion lives. But, I also enjoy and am always glad to see the support of retro video games published virtually or on modern console collections. During the recent Nintendo Direct,…

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Retro Games Update July 2021

Hello retro game family brining you the under the wire update for July 2021. Sadly a slow month for new physical retro game releases. I think the news I am most excited about this month is Evercade is releasing a new collection, the Renovation Collection I. They are also releasing later in the year a console version of their handheld which I may have mentioned in a previous post, its call the Evercade VS .…

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Retro Games Update March 2021

What’s up RGL family! Bringing you the monthly update on new retro games for our favorite retro consoles. We may also highlight previous projects that are still active or available for purchase or pre-order. It continues to blow my mind on the amount of support in developing new games for 15-20 year old video game systems. Our goal is to bring awareness to these projects so that everyone who shares a similar passion has the…

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